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Lost Times

Utolsó idök (Hungary)

Directed by:
Áron Mátyássy
József Kádas, Teréz Vass, Eszter Földes
TIFF edition:

The car mechanic Ivan lives with his autistic sister Eszter in a small, desolate village by the border in Eastern Hungary. Ivan earns some extra money by smuggling diesel oil across the border. He falls in love with Ilus, who has just finished her state graduate exams and will move to another town. One day Eszter gets raped by a stranger in the nearby woods. The police investigations have no outcome. After the traumatic event Eszter carries on living her life as she used to but becomes mute, refusing to say a word. When Ivan discovers some evidence of Eszter’s rape, he takes justice into his own hands...

Awards & Festivals: Karlovy Vary 2009, Golden Reel (Best Feature Film) - Hungarian Film Week 2009