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Memories of Overdevelopment

(Memorias del Desarrollo)
Miguel Coyula

An intellectual leaves the Cuban Revolution and 'underdevelopment' behind only to find himself at odds with the ambiguities of his new life in the 'developed' world. A portrait of an alienated man, an outsider with no clear-cut politics or ideology: a stranger in a strange land struggling with old age, sexual desire and ultimately, the impossibility for the individual to belong in any society. The film's narrative is a collage of flashbacks, daydreams, and hallucinations comprising live-action, animation, and newsreel footage assembled to suggest the way personal memory works, subjectively and emotionally.

Festivals: Sundance 2010

Miguel Coyula
Ron Blair
Eileen Alana
Susana Perez
Lester Martínez
Dayana M. Hernández
Cuba, USA
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