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Mondays in the Sun

Los Lunes al Sol (Spain, France, Italy)

Directed by:
Fernando Léon de Aranoa
Javier Bardem, Luis Tosar, José Angel Egido, Enrique Villén, Nieve de Medina
TIFF edition:

Mondays in the Sun is a touching drama about a group of working-class men who find themselves suddenly unemployed and unwanted in their middle age. Laid off from the local shipyard, the men spend their days at the town bar, where they reminisce, philosophize, and commiserate about their current state. Gruff Santa puts up a tough front, refusing to sink into self-pity, and occasionally pricking his friends' hopes. Morose José openly worries about his wife, whom he fears might leave him. That seems to have been the fate of Amador, the oldest of the bunch, who keeps reassuring everyone that his wife will be back any day now from her trip...

Festivals: San Sebastian 2002

Awards: Golden Seashell for Best Film, FIPRESCI Award, SIGNIS Award, CEC Award - San Sebastian 2002, Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Javier Bardem), Best Supporting Actor (Luis Tosar) - Goya Awards 2003