The Most Beautiful Boy in the World | TIFF

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World


Directed by:
Kristian Petri
Björn Andrésen, Annike Andresen, Silva Filmer, Riyoko Ikeda, Margareta Krantz, Miriam Sambol
TIFF edition:

In 1970, Luchino Visconti travelled throughout Europe looking for the perfect boy to personify absolute beauty in his adaptation for the screen of Death in Venice. In Stockholm, he discovered Björn Andrésen, a shy 15-year-old teenager whom he brought to international fame overnight. Fifty years after the premiere of Death in Venice, Björn takes us on a remarkable journey made of personal memories, cinema history, stardust and tragic events in what could be Bjorn’s last attempt for him to finally get his life back on track. We finally learn what happened to “the most beautiful boy in the world”.

Location: Military Club
Hour Location
21:00 Military Club
Location: UBB Open Air
Hour Location
22:00 UBB Open Air