The Mouth of the Wolf | TIFF

The Mouth of the Wolf

La Boca del Lupo (Italy)

Directed by:
Pietro Marcello
Vincenzo Motta, Mary Monaco, Franco Leo, Stefano Carappa, Anna Massa, Antonio Micheletti
TIFF edition:

A man returns home after a long absence. He crosses the town in search of places of times gone by, now in decline, straining to uphold their former ancient glory. In a modest apartment in the old quarter of the city, waiting for him for years are a cold dinner and his life companion. Mary and Enzo have been waiting and wanting each other since they first met behind bars, when they sent each other silent messages. Their dream is a small house in the countryside overlooking the city and the sea, far from the pressures of present times, suspended in another time of never ending happiness.

Festivals: Berlin 2010 (Forum), Toronto 2010, Thessaloniki 2010

Awards: Teddy Award for Best Documentary Film, Caligari Film Award - Berlin 2010