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Niki & Flo

(Niki Ardelean, colonel în rezervă)
Lucian Pintilie

Niki is a retired colonel. His son has just died in an accident, his daughter is married to the son of Flo, his neighbour from across the street. Flo, a bohemian left-over from the seventies, is into a lot of things, he’s a home-video fan and a closet tyran who takes everything out on Niki. Flo strips Niki of everything: his few posessions, his moral values, even his own self-image and personal dignity. Everything that goes into making a man a man. Then comes the ultimate humiliation, Flo forces Niki and his wife to dress up as cartoon characters... But the day of the National Army comes and, spurred on by the fanfare, Niki puts on his uniform and decides to do something about it.

Festivals: Cannes 2003 (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs)

Lucian Pintilie
Victor Rebengiuc
Coca Bloos
Răzvan Vasilescu
Micaela Caracas
Şerban Pavlu
Dorina Chiriac
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