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No Return

(Sin Retorno)
Miguel Cohan

A young boy is killed in a hit and run accident. The driver leaves no trail but the victim’s father, helped by the media, won’t rest until he is found and brought to justice. However, a series of unfortunate events and a justice system contaminated by public opinion, lead an innocent man to be accused. Caught in a web spun by fate and desperate decisions, these men must face guilt, responsibility and a deep need for redemption, in a spiral with no return.

Festivals: Valladolid 2010, Fribourg 2010

Awards: Best film, Best New Director, FIPRESCI Award - Valladolid 2010

Miguel Cohan
Leonardo Sbaraglia
Martin Slipak
Bárbara Goenaga
Luis Machín
Ana Celentano
Arturo Goetz
Agustín Vázquez
Argentina, Spain
Running time 
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