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Old Boys

Nikolaj Steen

Vagn is a middle-aged man whose life has slowly ground to a halt. He lives by himself, has a job and plays old boys' football - which is his only social engagement. On the annual team trip to Sweden, the other members of the team forget him at a gas station. As Vagn well knows, he is definitely one to be forgot, and he decides to take matters into his own hands - managing to get a ride with John, a 28-year-old hapless robber. His yearning to catch up with the team bus overpowers his fear of travelling with a complete stranger, and unknowingly he starts a journey, which slowly but surely brings him out of himself and back among the living.

Festivals: Göteborg 2010, Hambur 2010, Karlovy Vary 2010

Awards: Audience Award - Hamburg 2010, Audience Award - Karlovy Vary 2010

Nikolaj Steen
Kristian Halken
Robert Hansen
Laura Christensen
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