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Adem (Belgium)

Directed by:
Hans Van Nuffel
Stef Aerts, Wouter Hendrickx, Marie Vinck, Maarten Mertens, Rik Verheye, Anemone Valcke
TIFF edition:

Tom and his brother Lucas suffer from cystic fybrosis, a genetic disease that slowly destroys their lungs. Tom is struggling to cope with his short life expectancy and hangs around with a gang of hoodlums. In the hospital, he meets Xavier, a young man suffering from the same illness but behaving like a top athlete. Xavier is a confirmed optimist, even when he is dumped by his girlfriend Anneleen. Tom takes in Xavier's energy and joy of life, but when his brother dies during lung transplantation surgery, he is inconsolable...

Festivals: Zurich 2010, Roma 2010 (Alice nella città), Tallinn 2010, Palm Springs 2011, Istanbul 2011

Awards: Marco Aurelio Nella Città Prize - Roma 2010