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The Phantom Father

(Tatăl fantomă)
Lucian Georgescu

American Professor Robert Traum takes a sabbatical and turns his back on a present without surprise, to live an adventure from the past. Back in the Old World, he researches the origins of his father and uncle, the famous Traum brothers: Rudolf, a famous novelist, and Samuel – once a notorious gangster in Chicago. While traveling through Transylvania and Bucovina Robert meets Tanya, a Government archivist. Together they find Sami, the last surviving family friend, a cinema projectionist who was chased out of his old movie theatre by a greedy local politician. While Robert helps Sami win his theatre, Sami gives Robert his identity back.

Lucian Georgescu
Marcel Iureş
Mihaela Sârbu
Valer Dellakeza
Mihai Constantin
Mimi Brănescu
Barry Gifford
Victor Rebengiuc
Mariana Mihuţ
Nicodim Ungureanu
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