The Red Riding Trilogy 1980 | TIFF

The Red Riding Trilogy 1980

The Red Riding Trilogy 1980 (Great Britain)

Directed by:
James Marsh
Paddy Considine, James Fox, David Calder, Nicholas Woodeson, Ron Cook, Maxine Peake
TIFF edition:

1980, Leeds. The Yorkshire Ripper has tyrannised the region for six long years. It’s got personal for the West Yorkshire Police force - but the Home Office, desperate to deliver some results, want to set up an undercover enquiry into their Ripper investigation. Peter Hunter is given the job. Made to feel the very opposite of welcome in Leeds, Hunter and his team begin to uncover inconsistencies in West Yorkshire’s investigation. Are there two Rippers? Unimaginable surely - but has the Ripper been a convenient cover? As a lucky cop unwittingly picks up Peter Sutcliffe on a traffic offence, and finds him in confessional mode, Hunter gets a tip off about the identity of the other Ripper. And if Hunter isn’t going to bring him to justice, who will?