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Romanian Shorts II


TIFF edition:

EQUALLY RED AND BLUE | Director: Georgiana Moldoveanu

On the day of her one-year anniversary with Ştefan, Ana offers him an unexpected present - she agrees to be surrogate mother for the baby Ştefan can’t have with his wife. In the end, Ştefan realizes that he wants something else, but it’s way too late.

OPINCI | Director: Anton Groves, Damian Groves

An animated drama about a single father who attempts to explain to his young daughter things about death, courage and the absence of her mother.

GOD THE MOTHER | Director: Mihai Ghiţă

After an encounter with an Asian missionary who preaches about God the Mother, Mihai reconsiders the nature of his mother's late pregnancy.

THE SHAPE OF THE HEART IN THE DUST | Director: Gheorghe Preda

Two men, a woman and a fox are involved in an ambiguous and mysterious story about passion, search and betrayal.

OFFSEASON | Director: Ioachim Stroe

Two people wake up on a deserted beach in the aftermath of a curious incident - they don’t remember how they got there, nor who the other is. Very soon, one of them will have to face the consequences of past actions.

HAVANA, CUBA | Director: Andrei Huţuleac

A morose taxi driver meets five different people over the course of one night on Christmas Eve. A story about loneliness and the subtle ways in which it affects individuals...