The Salt of Life | TIFF

The Salt of Life

Gianni e le Donne (Italy)

Directed by:
Gianni Di Gregorio
Gianni Di Gregorio, Valeria di Franciscis Bendoni, Alfonso Santagata, Elisabetta Piccolomini, Valeria Cavalli
TIFF edition:

There are plenty of things that Gianni, a married man who has recently retired, needs to think about, but love certainly isn’t one of them. Gianni lives with his wife and daughter in a small apartment in Rome. He spends his days walking his dog and - under his wife’s vigilant eye - paying the bills. But then one day Gianni’s old friend Alfonso tells him some astonishing things about his recent sexual escapades. Somehow Gianni seems to have ignored the fact that all his contemporaries are in the throes of reliving their youth. What will Gianni do?

Festivals: Berlin 2011 (Berlinale Special)