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A Simple Life

Tao jie (Hong Kong SAR China)

Directed by:
Ann Hui
Deannie Yip
TIFF edition:

Based on real people and events. Chung Chun-Tao, or Ah Tao, was adopted in infancy. Her foster father died during the Japanese Occupation and her foster mother sent her away to work. Since her teenage years, Chung Chun-Tao has worked as an amah - a servant - for the Leung family. Known as Ah Tao, she has witnessed every aspect of the family’s life. Some members of the Leung family have passed away and some have emigrated. Now, after 60 years of service, she is looking after Roger, who works in the film industry and is the only family member left in Hong Kong. One day Roger comes home from work to find that Ah Tao has suffered a stroke...

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