A Sort Of Family

A Sort Of Family (Argentina)


Malena is a doctor in Buenos Aires. One afternoon she receives a call from Dr Costas, telling her she must leave immediately for the north of the country: the baby she was expecting is about to be born. Suddenly and almost without a thought, Malena decides to set out on an uncertain voyage, filled with legal and moral obstacles.

Directed by:
Diego Lerman
Bárbara Lennie, Claudio Tolcachir, Daniel Araoz, Yanina Ávila
1h 35min
Day 3
27 May
Location: Dacia Cinema
Hour Event type Category Location Tiket
20:30 Movie Dacia Cinema Nici o descriere
Day 10
03 June
Location: Florin Piersic Cinema
Hour Event type Category Location Tiket
22:30 Movie Florin Piersic Cinema Nici o descriere