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Starring Maja

Prinsessa (Sweden)

Directed by:
Teresa Fabik
Zandra Andersson, Moa Silén, Anastasios Soulis, Maria Lundqvist, Thomas Hedengran
TIFF edition:

In a hopelessly small town somewhere in long and narrow Sweden, lives Maja, 18 years old. Her life’s dream is to become an actress. She wants to be the centre of attention, she wants everyone to see her, wants them to see the beautiful human being she is on the inside. Only it’s a little hard to see. Heavily overweight, clumsy and socially inept, Maja struggles to realise her life’s dream during her final term at high school. Her road to success is lined with comedy and tragedy, as she is dogged by the prejudices of the people around her against someone with the ”wrong” appearance. Yet she struggles on regardless, trying to find the strength and the self-esteem necessary to really take centre stage – on her own feet and on her own terms.