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Sunday at 6

(Duminică la ora 6)
Lucian Pintilie

Romania, 1940. A boy meets a girl. They fall in love without suspecting anything about their real identities. They chose an eventful, tense and dangerous life as underground anti-fascist fighters. The significance of their activity is manifest in the consequences it has on the tormented progress of their love. Reality is against it... Two parallel lines which meet for a second, only to drift apart for ever.

Festivals: Cannes 1966, Mar de Plata 1966, Mamaia 1068

Awards: Great prize of the Youth's International Jury - Cannes 1966, Special Prize of the Jury, Special Prize of the Film Critics - Mar del Plata 1966

Lucian Pintilie
Irina Petrescu
Dan Nuţu
Graţiela Albini
Eugenia Bosânceanu
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