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The Temptation of St. Tony

(Püha Tõnu Kiusamine)
Veiko Õunpuu

The story of a man who has reached middle age and finds himself in exactly the kind of darkening forest that Dante describes. An unusual problem intrudes upon his moderately prosperous and quiet life - morality. Is it possible to be a "good person"? What does that mean anyway? And what's in it for you? On his journey towards a clearer conscience in a more and more complicated reality, Tony meets several typical specimen familiar from contemporary Estonian society and lives through exciting adventures, not without some diverting humour. And it starts to seem that slowly, and quite inevitably, the man loses his job, his family, and finally reality, himself.

Festivals: Sundance 2010, Göteborg 2010, Rotterdam 2010, Karlovy Vary 2010

Veiko Õunpuu
Taavi Eelmaa
Ravshana Kurkova
Tiina Tauraite
Sten Ljunggren
Denis Lavant
Hendrik Toompere Jr.
Estonia, Finland, Sweden
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