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Tertium Non Datur

(Tertium Non Datur)
Lucian Pintilie

The Ukrainian steppe, toward the end of World War II. The German and Romanian troops are retreating in the face of the unstoppable Red Army. In a deserted school, a Romanian military unit has set up its headquarters. In front of maps become useless, the Romanian officers are awaiting disaster. A visit of high-ranking Wehrmacht officers is suddenly announced. Hope is awakened: will they receive new orders? Will they counter-attack? But the German officers are there to party... One of them wants to impress his hosts: he proudly takes out a stamp, the famous aurochs head from Romania, saying it's the most expensive in the world...

Festivals: Berlin 2006 (Forum)

Lucian Pintilie
Victor Rebengiuc
Sorin Leoveanu
Tudor Istodor
Cornel Scripcaru
Bogdan Stanoevici
Romania, France
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