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Viktor Chouchkov

In the early 90’s, four friends are finding ways make some cash with the dream to open their own bar, which will be called Tilt. An accidental meeting between Stash and Becky leads to a passionate love affair. Suddenly, the friends are caught illegally distributing porn films. Becky’s father, a police colonel, takes the case personally and threatens them with prison. The only way to escape his grip would be for Stash and Becky to stop seeing each other. The gang decides to run away in a small German town. Being poor emigrants, they find themselves in a series of funny and absurd situations. Stash is constantly trying to reach Becky, but with no luck. The gang finally decides to go back. Meanwhile, Bulgaria has changed completely, and so has Becky...

Festivals: Göteborg 2011, Sofia 2011, 

Viktor Chouchkov
Yavor Baharoff
Radina Kardjilova
Ovanes Torosyan
Alexander Sano
Ivaylo Dragiev
Phillip Avramov
Bulgaria, Germany
Running time 
TIFF Edition 



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