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Tilva Roš

(Tilva Roš)
Nikola Ležaić

Bor, Serbia, was once the largest copper mine in Europe, but now it is just its biggest hole. Best friends, Toda and Stefan spend their first summer after high school in the abandoned mine, making ”Jackass spoof” videos. When Dunja, a friend living in France, comes back for the holidays, the boys long for her attention, jeopardizing their friendship. The fact that Stefan will be going to University in Belgrade in the fall while Toda professes he wouldn’t go to college even if he had the money, tears them apart some more. But, in the meantime, union protests gain momentum in town and the boys find a common cause again.

Festivals: Sarajevo 2010

Awards: The Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Film, The Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Actor (Marko Todorović) - Sarajevo 2010

Nikola Ležaić
Marko Todorović
Stefan Djordjević
Dunja Kovacević
Marko Milenković
Nenad Stanisavljević
Nenad Ivanovicć
Filip Maksimović
Milos Petrović
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