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An Unforgettable Summer

Un été inoubliable (France, Romania)

Directed by:
Lucian Pintilie
Kristin Scott-Thomas, Claudiu Bleonţ, Marcel Iureş, Olga Tudorache, George Constantin, Răzvan Vasilescu
TIFF edition:

Romania in the 20s. In a border town on the left bank of the Danube the mansion of Lady Vorvoreanu glitters with the lights of a ball honored by all the local nobility. The young Dumitriu couple is the toast of the event: he is a captain in the Romanian army, while she, Marie-Thérèse Von Debretsy, is a prodigious beauty. The young woman, deeply faithful to her family, scorns the advances of General Ipsilanti, which leads to the Dumitriu family's transfer to an isolated garrison in the Dobroudja region. To avenge the massacre of Roumanian frontier guards by Macedonian bandits, Cpt. Dumitriu is ordered to take Bulgarian villagers as hostages and shoot them. He refuses to obey...

Festivals: Cannes 1994 (official selection)