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Ward 6

Paviljon VI (Yugoslavia)

Directed by:
Lucian Pintilie
Slobodan Perovic, Zoran Radmilovic, Slavko Simic, Pavle Vujisic, Ljuba Tadic, Stevo Zigon
TIFF edition:

A doctor working in a provincial hospital under Tsarist Russia spends his days aimlessly without any interest even for his work. One day in Ward 6, the mental ward, he meets one of his former students, a rebellious, restless spirit. Attracted by what he feels are the original and new ideas of his patient, the doctor spends more and more time with him and giving himself up to meditation, slowly begins losing touch with reality. His colleagues first ridicule him, report him to the authorities as being mad, then reject him, until finally the doctor ends up in Ward 6 himself.

Festivals: Pola 1978, Cannes 1979 (Un Certain Regard)

Awards: Catholic Office Award – Cannes 1979, C.I.D.A.L.C. Award - Pola 1978