The World Is Mine | TIFF

The World Is Mine

Lumea e a mea (Romania )

Directed by:
Nicolae Constantin Tănase
TIFF edition:

Larisa is 16 and lives in a city by the sea. It's a small city, where gossip and news spread fast. It's a city where your image and influence, "manelele", money and power are all that matters. And Larisa… wants it all. And even if she doesn't have it, she fights for it. Larisa believes in herself. She knows that she deserves better. She is convinced that it's worth doing everything it takes to fulfill her dreams. And for her courage and recklessness - we love her. Once she's up there, riding the wave, living her dreams of money, lover, friends, notoriousness - Larisa loses her world. She grows up.

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