infiniTIFF Summit

The infiniTIFF Summit provides an opportunity for knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary networking in the context of virtual production.

Lead by inspiring keynote speakers, this half-day conference addresses professionals with backgrounds in film, business, IT, tech, design, etc., who are interested in how virtual production is re-shaping the filmmaking process and the future of audiovisual content. Virtual production creates new opportunities for creatives and entrepreneurs since the tools developed for big-budget productions are suddenly available for low-budget and independent productions as well.

How can virtual production make the filmmaking process more cost-efficient and meaningful? How will  a radically redesigned production process impact the stories told on large and small screens? How can agile local networks be created to cater to the needs of international audiovisual projects? How can the workforce continuously adapt to rapidly changing demands, methods, and tools? Last but not least, how can different business sectors like film, games, and technology collaborate in new and efficient ways?

Through inspiring content and structured networking, the infiniTIFF Summit seeks to ignite an initial dialogue between cross-disciplinary stakeholders. An open pitching forum provides the opportunity for attendees to deliver a 1 min pitch, presenting their product, service, skills, or a specific need they have.

Detailed program coming soon.

Apply for the 1 min pitch