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Projects selected for the InfiniTIFF Incubator

21.07.2021 16:02

11 projects were selected this year for the InfiniTIFF program dedicated to artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and cultural operators working in new —VR, AR, XR, and interactive — media.

During the July 27-28 TIFF industry events, participants will attend a training led by Peter Barta, who created The Long Run Method, an entrepreneurship education and training program.

Over the following two and a half months, they will also receive on-line mentorship for crystallizing their ideas for products / applications / services / cultural experiences. This will be followed by a mid-October in-person meeting with potential investors, sponsors, tech partners, partner institutions, and local authorities who they can pitch to and partner with for the following years.  

Selected participants and projects for InfiniTIFF are:

  • Anca Balaș, Augmented Reality (AR) City Festival
  • Sandra Bălășoiu, Pre-recorded interactive plays
  • Alexandru Bardea, AR for action and play
  • Cătălin Bocîrnea, Virtual Reality (VR) installations
  • Dragoș Buzdugan, VR exhibitions for Romanian artists
  • Vasile Hotea-Fernezan, TV shows integrating AR
  • Alex Lenghel, VR tours
  • Mihai Moldovan, AR tours starting from artist-drawn postcards
  • Virgil Puiac, AR donations applications activated by banknotes scanning       
  • Doru Taloș, Theatre performance with AR components
  • Paula Antonia & Tudor Cămîrzan, AR app for visualizing the emotional state of a neighborhood / city