Masterclass - Mircea Daneliuc at Transilvania Talent Lab | TIFF

Masterclass - Mircea Daneliuc at Transilvania Talent Lab

04.06.2015 23:39

Friday, 4th of June 2015, 12 AM,  Napoca 15 Attic (free entrance).

Born in 1943 in Hotin (now in Ukraine), Daneliuc studied Philology, followed by Film Directing at the Bucharest Film and Theatre Academy, where he graduated in 1972. His career encompasses 17 features - writing 16 of them -, 11 movie roles, 8 plays - 4 of them he also directed, and many novels and short stories. Mircea Daneliuc is considered one of the most important Romanian artists, author of subversive films which evaded the communist censorship, films filled with dark humour and unrelenting satire about a sick society ruled by absurd laws, films based on reality and the director's own disappointments.

During TIFF, viewers will (re)discover some of Mircea Daneliuc's most important films, presented in digitally restored copies, with new English translations: The Ride (1975), Foxhunting (1980), Microphone Test (1980), The Cruise (1981), Glissando (1984), Iacob (1988), The 11th Commanment (1991), The Conjugal Bed (1993), Fed Up (1994), The Snails' Senator (1995), The Floating Things (2009) and his graduation short, Roundtrip (1972).

His films have been presented, since the very beginning, in some of the most prestigious international film festivals: The Ride was screened in Cairo, New Delhi, Moscow, Barcelona, The Snails’ Senator was a Palme d’Or hopeful in 1995; Glissando went to Venice; FoxhuntingIacob and The Conjugal Bed in Berlin, and Microphone Test was screened in Athens, Los Angeles and Rome. Iacob is a duble 1988 European Film Awards nominee (Best Film and Best Actor - Dorel Vișan).