Shadows Preview Screening in the HBO Day | TIFF

Shadows Preview Screening in the HBO Day

01.06.2017 11:07

Dedicated to a long-term Transilvania IFF partner, HBO Day this year will be on June 8. A preview of the second season of the Romanian series Umbre / Shadows will screen at 8:30 PM at Cinema Florin Piersic, in the presence of Director Bogdan Mirică, together with actors Șerban Pavlu, Maria Obretin, Andreea Vasile and other team members will be present.

Andrei Dăscălescu (who received the debut award in 2009 for Constantin și Elena  / Constantin and Elena) comes back with Planeta Petrila / Petrila Planet, his new documentary on saving shuttered mines through culture. In Marius Iacob’s Eu sunt Hercule / I am Hercules, the audience is offered a documentary on what is left of the ancient Herculane Baths in Romania, whose healing waters were used by kings and queens for centuries.

Other titles in the HBO Day include Irene Taylor Brodsky’s documentary Beware of Slenderman, the story of two 12-year olds who plan the brutal murder of their friend to satisfy a popular fictional online character. Finally, Ziga Virc’s docu-fiction Houston, We Have a Problem! explores myths surrounding the Yugoslav space program in the 1960s.