Film Food: She Chef | TIFF

Film Food: She Chef

05.05.2023 13:24
Monday, 12 June, 2023 - 18:30
Cercul Militar

18.30 - She Chef (dir. Melanie Liebheit & Gereon Wetzel, Germany/Austria, 2022, 105') | Military Circle

20.30 - Dinner prepared by Chef Florin Dumitrescu at DaPino, presented by LIDL

She Chef portrays Agnes, recent winner of the Culinary World Cup, on her journey through some of the world's most acclaimed restaurants. The twenty-something completed her apprenticeship at Austria's top restaurant Steirereck and joined the Austrian national cooking team, making her the first and only woman among all the competitors to win the Culinary World Cup in 2018. The film delves into very different cooking cultures and gives us detailed insights into how the world's top restaurants work.

The story continues with a dinner prepared by Chef Florin Dumitrescu, one of Romania's most talented chefs, who found fame as a judge on MasterChef and then Chefi la cuțite. At 35, Florin has already spent more than 20 years in the kitchen, starting as a trainee in restaurants when he was just 14 and becoming a chef at 18. His vision of gastronomy, his unique style and charisma, and his way of creating fusions between classic dishes, taste and modern techniques make him one of the most loved and appreciated chefs in Romania.

Dinner presented by LIDL.