10 feature film projects selected at Transilvania Pitch Stop 2021

07.07.2021 14:16

Ten projects in development will be presented to industry professionals (producers, distributors, sales agents, representatives of film funds & more) at the Transilvania Pitch Stop (TPS) this year. The 8th edition of the program includes the presentation of projects in front of potential partners and financiers on the 29th of July, during Transilvania International Film Festival.

TPS readdresses its format by merging the development workshop dedicated to Romanian and Moldavian projects with the Co-production platform.

TPS aims to discover a strong selection of projects from Romania and the countries around Romania destined for European co-production such as: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. TPS aims to foster cross-border cooperation especially between the Black Sea countries and the neighboring  countries eligible for the program.

 Five projects will benefit from a tailored script consulting provided by Christian Routh, while all projects will be coached by the renowned consultant Wendy Mitchell prior to their presentation.
The 10 projects are competing for the awards kindly provided by our industry partners: 

  • The Chainsaw Europe post-production award - 25000 euro in post-production services
  • The TPS Development award, offered by Avanpost Media & TIFF - 7000 euro in cash
  • The CoCo Award, offered by Connecting Cottbus Co-Production Market
  • The Transilvania Pitch Stop award offered by CNC Moldova in ammount of 1500 euro

Katarina Tomkova (Midpoint Institute), Maria Tânjală (FilmChain) and Vicky Miha (asterisk*) are the members of the international jury who will hand out the awards.

The 10 feature projects selected are:

Director: Filiz Kuka
Country: Turkey
Producer: Seckin Akyildiz
Production company: FILMPLUS
Director: Eugen Dediu
Country: Romania
Producer: Gabriela Suciu, Dumitrana Lupu
Production company: Atelier de Film      
I’m Not Lakit
Director: Marie Ivanova Surae 
Country: Russia, Lebanon, Romania
Producer: Marie Ivanova Surae
Production company: Scoop Production, Né à Beyrouth Films, Avanpost Media
Director: Vladimir Beck
Country: Russia
Producer: Katerina Mikhaylova, Vasily Klepatsky, Ruben Dishdishyan
Production company: Vega Film, Mars Media Entertainment       
The Human Shape
Director: Gheorghe Preda
Country: Romania
Producer: Alin Panc
Production company: Papa Pictures
The Poor Dove
Director: Călin Laur
Country: Republic of Moldova
Producer: Ștefan Nahaba
Production company: Racketa Production
The Talentless
Director: Radivoje Bukvić
Country: Serbia
Producer: Jovana Jovičić
Production company: Prikaz Film
The Ways We Look at the Sun
Director: Ioana Țurcan
Country: Romania
Producer: Ana Maria Pîrvan
Production company: Studioset Production
Who is Martha?
Director: Darina Tregubova
Country: Ukraine
Producer: Aleksandr Omelyanov
Production company: Joyfilms
Director: Doğu Akal
Country: Turkey
Producer: Kaan Ege
Production company: Bir Film
Project awarded at Meetings on the Bridge 2021

For info about TPS, contact us: [email protected]