Cine-concert Georges Méliès | TIFF

Cine-concert Georges Méliès

24.05.2012 03:56

What was it like to watch a film in the 1900's? TIFF Audience will find out from Georges Méliès, grand granddaughter, Marie-Hélène Lehérissey and from her son, Lawrence Lehérissey who will present a Cine-concert Georges Méliès on Sunday, June 3rd, 21:30 at Banffy Castle in Bontida.

A special program including Georges Méliès' films will be accompanied by live piano music played by Lawrence Lehérissey. Beside him, Marie-Hélène Lehérissey will tell the story, the way it happened in the 1900's cafes.

The program is developed with the support of Les Amis de Georges Méliès Association and it is brought to TIFF in partnership with the French Institute in Cluj-Napoca.

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