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Concert: Partizan (România)

24.05.2023 16:07
Saturday, 17 June, 2023 - 19:00
Art Museum

Partizan is a Romanian rock band founded in Bucharest in 2001.

The band's discography contains 3 studio albums: ”Am cu ce” (2002), ”București” (2003) and ”Timpuri Noi” (2019).

Partizan is a 100% Romanian product and represents the natural breath of the Bucharest streets. Partisans avoid everything that means satire or criticism of ordinary people. They bring situations from the real world and translate them into a science fiction one. They create a parallel universe in which we all find ourselves.

Partizan means: Adrian Pleșca ( Artan ): voice, Răzvan Moldovan ( Suedezu): voice and guitar,  Adrian Agheniței: bass and Andrei Bărbulescu: drums