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Imaginary Spaces – Special Exhibition Helmut Stürmer

02.06.2012 15:08

June 6  – July 6 2012
Opening :  June 6 2012, 19.30, TIFF Art (Art Museum Cluj)

Helmut Stürmer will open a  special exhibition  along with the 40th event screening of Stone Wedding (directed by Dan Pița, Mircea Veroiu). After years of Excelency as scenographer and  art director, photographies and elements of set design will be presented to the Transilvania IFF’s audience.

Born in 1942, Helmut Stürmer, finished over 200 films, plays, and operas. His colaboration includes Théatre de la Ville-Paris, Opera-Karlsruhe, Opera-Bonn, Vienna State Opera, Royal Shakespeare Company. His latest work in film is seen in 2012 Somewhere in Palilula (directed by Silviu Purcarete).