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Trash Humpers

Trash Humpers (USA, UK)

Directed by:
Harmony Korine
Rachel Korine, Brian Kotzur, Travis Nicholson, Harmony Korine, Chris Gantry
TIFF edition:

This movie is a found vhs tape that someone buried in their backyard many years ago. It documents the days and nights of a small group of elderly peeping toms. The people on the tape also like to hump trash. They film each other doing terrible things. This tape seems as if it were made as an ode to vandalism. Very little is known about these people or where they came from, they seem to exist only on the margins and in the shadows of the American landscape. This tape crudely documents the shocking chaos and insanity of a group of true sociopaths, the likes of which have never before been seen.

Awards & Festivals: Toronto 2009, New York 2009, Vancouver 2009, London Film 2009, Leeds 2009, Oslo 2009, Rotterdam 2010