16 delights at What's up Doc? | TIFF

16 delights at What's up Doc?

02.05.2012 03:00
What's up, Doc?, one of TIFF's most appreciated sections dedicated to documentary films, is coming once again with treats for all cinema-goers

From Bob Marley to Charlotte Rampling, from the Paris glamour to Russian prisons, this year's edition of What's up, Doc? will  delight you and enlighten you with 16 stories from around the world, selected by the journalist Ana Maria Sandu from more than 100 films submitted.

 Veteran director Frederick Wiseman and his fly-on-the wall documentary will take us in a  journey through the depths of Paris's well-known cabaret in Crazy Horse; A Man's Story (directed by Varon Bonicos) will portrait the British spirit of Ozwald Boateng and his iconic fashion design; director Kevin Macdonald - who's Life in One Day closed the 2011 edition of TIFF- is bringing in Marley a fresh view on the life and work of one of the most loved international music figures in the 20th Century; The Look (directed by Angelina Maccarone) is showing insights of Charlotte Rampling's audacious life while Hodorkovski (directed by Cyril Tuschi) takes us from fame to jail in the life of Russia’s once most wealthiest man, Mihail Hodorkovski.

 Meet the Fokkens (directed by Gabrielle Provaas) presents the shock story of two aging twins on the verge of saying farewell to their 40 years of prostitution in the Red Light District of Amsterdam; once again in Russia, awarded documentary 900 Days (directed by Jessica Gorter) is showing the thin line between heroes and victims in an overwhelming depiction of the siege of Leningrad; The Substance: Albert Hofmann's LSD (directed by Martin Witz) talks about a 1943 discovery that changed the world;  The Other Chelsea - A Story from Donetsk, (directed by Jakob Preuss) tells us what happens after the referee blows his whistle in the coal mining region of Donetsk; Revision (directed by Philip Scheffner) is investigating the unsolved murder of two Romanian citizens in Germany.