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Concerts at the Art Museum

24.05.2023 13:55

Once again, the TIFF.22 music programme takes centre stage at the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca. Almost every night of the festival, artists from Romania, Iceland, Hungary or England will prepare blues, electro, alternative disco or rock shows. Tickets for the concerts are on sale online on



Sunday, June 11, 7 PM

Mischa Blanos (Romania)

Mischa Blanos is a Bucharest based composer and producer performing for Piano, Synths and Electronic Machines. With a classical academic background since the age of seven, Mischa Blanos attunes between two music worlds, clubbing and concert halls and is set to instill his own view on the well sought-after alliance between classical, jazz and  electronic music.

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Monday, June 12, 7 PM

Call Me Unique (UK / Hungary)

Singer / songwriter & guitarist Call Me Unique infuses the sounds of jazz, soul, futurebeats, and scat-singing. Influenced by the sounds of Lauryn Hill, Ed Sheeran, Ella Fitzgerald & Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes, Call Me Unique is renowned for her love of scatting and eclectic performance approach, her vibe truly being "unique".

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Tuesday, June 13, 7 PM

Diskopunk (Sweden)

Swedish Diskopunk emerged in early 2016 and have been spreading their overcharged live display, self appointed smash hits and shenanigans across Europe since. The group describes it's sound as a drug infused ABBA; Combining dance, post-punk, pop and rock'n'roll the group have found a sweet spot within opposing worlds, or in the midst of a perfect one.

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Supported by Scandinavian Films & The Embassy of Sweden.



Wednesday, June 14, 7 PM

SunMa (Hungary)

SunMa (András Koroknay) is a nomadic sound artist and Bassist, notable for making meditative sonic collages pulsing with earthy basslines. His musicality is deeply rooted in Dub which serves as the basis for forward-thinking approaches resulting in a sound that is vital and distinctive: Dub methodology with cross-genre influences such as spiritual jazz, hip-hop, and electronics, making his projects appealing to a wide variety of audiences.

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Concert powered by MOL România, part of Hungarian Day.

With the support of Liszt Institute and the Department of Interethnic department.




Thursday, June 15, 7 PM – FREE ENTRY

Silent Strike & Lucia & Muse Quartet (Romania)

Silent Strike is one of the most important names in the Romanian electronic music industry. He has to his credit 6 LPs, 6 EPs, opening acts at concerts such as Faithless, Amon Tobin, Saul Williams, Bonobo, Venetian Snares, Recoil, Jazzanova or Kode9 and collaborations with elite artists from the local scene: Ada Milea, Alexandrina, Electric Brother, Sorin Romanescu, Subcarpați, CTC, Norzeatic and many others. At TIFF he will be accompanied by the Muse Quartet, a quartet that exercises its talent by constantly challenging its classical instruments in new musical collaborations. They have performed with Akua Naru, C.T.C., Golan, Alexandrina Hristov, Byron, Tomma Alistar and other big names.

Young indie/pop singer Lucia has just released her third studio album, "IMMERSIA".  Across five fresh and bold new tracks, she reaffirms her songwriting talent while diving deeper into the experimental side she only hinted at on her previous record, "Samsara". Each song has its own sonic identity, with carefully crafted layers and plenty of heart poured into them through Lucia's airy, fragile voice.

Concert powered by IQOS.



Friday, June 16, 7 PM

Daníel Hjálmtýsson (Iceland)

Daníel Hjálmtýsson is… think Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, NIN, Joy Division & QOTSA in a Leonard Cohen afterworld. An endless fiery love story, conflicting with the elements around you and within.

Daníel released three singles, “Colouring a Cloud”, “Back to Bed” and “Tabula Rasa” in 2021, along with a music video showcasing Daníel´s homeground during COVID-19, (the East fjörds of Iceland in a slumberland setting).

Concert powered by Alternative Culture. With the support of Scandinavian Films.

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Saturday, June 17, 7 PM

Partizan (Romania)

Partizan is a Romanian rock band founded in Bucharest in 2001.

The band's discography contains 3 studio albums: ”Am cu ce” (2002), ”București” (2003) and ”Timpuri Noi” (2019).

Partizan is a 100% Romanian product and represents the natural breath of the Bucharest streets. Partisans avoid everything that means satire or criticism of ordinary people. They bring situations from the real world and translate them into a science fiction one. They create a parallel universe in which we all find ourselves.

Partizan means: Adrian Pleșca ( Artan ): voice, Răzvan Moldovan ( Suedezu): voice and guitar,  Adrian Agheniței: bass and Andrei Bărbulescu: drums

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Sunday, June 18, 7 PM

Alone at Parties (Romania)

Alone at Parties is about the contradictions that keep popping up time and time again. It’s about loneliness at parties, about bad jokes at funerals, about seemingly unwelcoming cities that you fall in love with on a second visit. Their sound can be described as an indie-folk blend of soft-spoken synthesizers, playful electric guitars which come together around subtle acoustic rhythms and warm and moody vocals. The band comes from Cluj-Napoca & is composed of Andrei, Casiana, Dani, Florin & Lazăr.

Now they enter a new stage in the band’s career — 2023 will see Alone at Parties playing their first full band shows and releasing a bundle of new music.

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Partners: IQOS, MOL România, Ursus, Alternative Culture, Muzeul de Artă Cluj-Napoca, Scandinavian Films, Embassy of Sweden, Liszt Institute, The Department for Interethnic relations