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First weekend at Transilvania IFF

02.06.2012 01:22
The first weekend at Transilvania IFF kicks off with screenings and special events

Transilvania IFF new key location Casa TIFF, TIFF Lounge in Unirii Square and TIFF Art ( at Art Museum) will come to life in the first weekend with exhibitions, concerts and debates, and the audience and the guests will have a memorable experience at Banfy Castle at Bonţida.

In the first two day of festival we’ll introduce Dov Simens famous 2 Day Film School™, in the frame of Hollywood in Transilvania. It’s also start for the Oficial Competition with the first films ( Oslo, 31August, End of the Night and  Teddy Bear ) and for the new section Gods and Men.

Saturday, June 2, at 13.00, the exhibition “ The Joy of Being in Săpânţa” will open in the space of TIFF Art at the Art Museum. The exhibition is a photographic reencounter of Peter Hurley’s festival “ The long way to Merry Cemetary” made by photographs Alisa Tarciniu, Andreea Aron and Iulian Ignat. Seduced by the peoples and traditions from Maramures, Peter Hurly is the founder of a folkloric music festival, which reunites artists from Romania and Ireland.

Also Saturday at 17.30 it’s the opening of the exhibition Cuba Continues. Cosmin Bumbuț brings through his photos the image of a lost paradise and a different kind of traveling diary. A country where people somehow managed to keep their innocence and their joie de vivre, despite the autocratic political regime. . The life passes in a slow tempo and the Cuban people laughs and dances in streets where technology and capitalism couldn’t get in. The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the book launch of “ Cuba Continues” (photos Cosmin Bumbuţ, texts by Elena Stancu).

At 21.30 the band Mandinga, the Romanian selection for Eurovision 2012, will present Mandinga Live Cinema, an interactive show with music and images from the band’s 10 years history and at TIFF Lounge in Unirii Square, at 12.00, it’s the opening of Urban Comics – a comics exhibition with Cluj being the main character.

At TIFF Lounge the actor Andi Vasluianu, the main character from Of Snails and  Men (d. Tudor Giurgiu) and the actress Ana Ularu, member of the Jury for Official Competition will be the guests for the first two debates, moderated by Mihnea Măruţă. The discussion will begin Saturday (Andi Vasluianu)  and Sunday (Ana Ularu) at 17.00.

Sunday June 3, Diversity Day begins at Transilvania IFF. From workshops to traditional costumes, the program offers a unique chance to understand and experience the way of life in Romany communities. The event opens at 11.00 at Cinema Florin Piersic with the screening of Gipsy, directed by Martin Šulík. Between 14.00 and 18.00  the public is invited to work and learn side by side with skilled craftsmen from Romany comunity. Meantime, the children from Pata Rât will hold a theatrical performance from 16.00 to 17.00.

Diversity Day ends at 20.30 with a live concert performed by Romano ButiQ. Mixing traditional music with reggae, ska, punk-rock and even jazz, the band is up for an exhilarating show.

At la Castelul Banffy at Bonţida the audience will understand how was it like to be a film spectator back in the 1900’s? The answer to the question comes straight from Georges Méliès’ descendants: his great-granddaughter Marie-Hélène Lehérissey and her son Lawrence Lehérissey, the performers of Cine-Concert Georges Méliès. A definitive selection of  Méliès’ films will be accompanied by Lawrence Lehérissey and Marie-Hélène Lehérissey, who will be performing live piano improvisations and narration, a practice that stays true to the way these films were presented in the 1900s. The performance is organized with the support of Les Amis de Georges Méliès’ Association and is brought at TIFF thanks to the French Cultural Center from Cluj.

Sunday, June 3, at 18.10, Casa TIFF will host the debate Film and Politics, related with the screening of The Minister (d. Pierre Schöller) in Supernova section of Transilvania IFF 2012. From 22.00, Contemporary Noise Sextet, one of the best Polish jazz band, will entertain the audience at TIFF.

Two of this year’s highlights will be screened at Odeon Cineplex. At 17.15, Noseland, a mockumentary directed by Aleksey Igudesman and Sebastian Leitner twill show the classical music in a way never quite seen before. At 22.15 will be screened Vincent Morisset’s documentary Inni  about the famous band Sigur Rós.

The 3D screening of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo will be a premier for Transilvania IFF film buffs, considering the fact that the film was not pick-up for distribution in Romania. The film will be screened in original version.