Murder fantasies in the No Limit section - "Zero Killed" | TIFF

Murder fantasies in the No Limit section - "Zero Killed"

03.04.2012 03:00
”Murder fantasies are lonely affairs

It is a fact that people have the capacity to imagine both what they desire and what they fear”, says the director Michal Kosakowski about one of the most unsettling subjects in the Fără limită/ No Limit section: the crimes of our imagination. Zero Killed, a hybrid of documentary and fiction, is the result of an experiment started in 1996, when the filmmaker provoked some people to stage their fantasies about murder – theirs or someone else’s – in short films where they would be the protagonists. Ten years later, the same people are questioned about the sensations they felt at that time and about matters like war, torture, terrorism, suicide, domestic violence. Zero Killed raises serious questions about the human nature, morality, good and evil. The film will premiere internationally at TIFF 2012