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Rodion G.A. - New Wave comeback at Casa TIFF

29.05.2012 02:46
On June 2nd, at 21.30, the first Romanian New Wave band, Rodion G.A. is preparing a stunning comeback with a live performance at Casa TIFF.

Founded in 1978 by Rodion Ladislau Roşca, Gigu Farcaş and Adrian Căpraru, the band created revolutionary music with low-tech equipment. Although they performed many live concerts, Rodion G.A. never released an album. The concert on June 2nd is a unique chance for music buffs to get in touch with the founders of electronic music in Romania.

Casa TIFF is from this year the key location of Transilvania IFF. Casa TIFF will be more than just a meeting point for guests, audience and staff. The recently invented cultural institution will host numerous special events during the festival and will promote all year round education through cinema and one’s necessity to express through art.