The Romanian Days kick off with sold-out screenings and dozens of guests present at TIFF.22. | TIFF

The Romanian Days kick off with sold-out screenings and dozens of guests present at TIFF.22.

16.06.2023 11:37

Men of Deeds, the latest film by Paul Negoescu, the documentary Eagles from Țaga (dir. Adina Popescu), the documentary Nora (dir. Carla Teaha, Romania), and the docudrama The Young Dictator (dir. Andy Lupu), are just a few of the Romanian films that have already sold out screenings at the Romanian Film Days. A total of 25 feature films and short films are competing, and another 10 premieres by Romanian directors are being presented at TIFF.22.

The chance to see films in premiere is doubled by the direct meeting with those who created them. Dozens of actors, directors, producers, and other professionals from the Romanian film industry are present in Cluj-Napoca these days. Among them are director Alexandru Solomon, whose documentary Arsenie. An amazing afterlife has its premiere at TIFF, Cristi Puiu, director of MMXX presented in a special screening, and the team behind the film Freedom, the latest film by Tudor Giurgiu. They all can be found in the TIFF Talks program, the daily meetings between the audience and the festival's guests.

Actors Dorian Boguță, Alexandru Papadopol, and Dragoș Bucur will be present at the screening of Another Lottery Ticket the sequel to the box-office hit from a few years ago. A special moment in the TIFF program is offered by Horațiu Mălăele, who brings his theater performance I am Blind to Cluj. The actor will also be present at the screening of The Kid, a film that had over a million viewers in 1984.

Other highly anticipated titles at TIFF include My Muslim Husband (dir. Daniel Bărnuți, Alexandra Bărnuți), Blue Planet (dir. Dani Sărăcuț), and Day of the Tiger (dir. Andrei Tănase).

The 16 short films selected for the competition can be seen on Friday and Saturday in special screenings at Florin Piersic Cinema and Sapientia. The Best Romanian Short Film will be chosen by the jury composed of the renowned British actor Nicholas Pinnock, Riina Mikkonen, the director of the Tampere Film Festival, and Ryszard Mietkiewicz from WIFF, who are also present in Cluj these days.