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Romanian Days at Transilvania IFF.22

09.05.2023 09:15

9 feature films and 16 short films enter the Romanian Days competition at Transilvania IFF.22. The selection includes some of last year's best Romanian films, as well as productions that will have their world premiere in June in Cluj-Napoca. The Romanian Days awards three prizes: for best feature film, best debut, and best short film.

The selected feature films include the black comedy Men of Deeds (d. Paul Negoescu), the big winner at this year's Gopo Awards, and To the North, Mihai Mincan's fiction debut, which had its world premiere in Venice. The list continues with Boss, a film noir by director Bogdan Mirică, winner of the Transilvania Trophy at Transilvania IFF.15 (for Dogs), and the national premiere of Day of the Tiger, Andrei Tănase's debut film selected this year in Rotterdam. 

On the fine line between documentary and fiction is Vlad Petri's new film Between Revolutions, winner of the FIPRESCI award in the Focus section of Berlinale. Dana Bunescu returns to directing with anthropologist Cătălina Tesar, revealing the marriage traditions of the cortorari communities in The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters, and journalists Adina Popescu and Iulian Ghervase sign their third documentary, Eagles from Țaga, the story of a football coach training an eternally losing football team. Both films were awarded at the 2022 Astra Film Festival.

The competition also includes two world premiere documentaries, both directed by filmmakers from Cluj: My Muslim Husband, a story about love and prejudice in contemporary Romania by couple Daniel and Alexandra Bărnuți, and Blue Planet by Daniel Sărăcuț, a bittersweet chronicle of the rock band Dio Family reuniting for the recording of the title track. 

Some of the most anticipated films of the year will have their world premiere during the Romanian Days at Transilvania IFF.22, out of competition. Freedom, director Tudor Giurgiu's latest film, inspired by a story about the Romanian Revolution in 1989 in Sibiu, will be screened in Piața Unirii Open Air. Alexandru Solomon returns to Transilvania IFF with Arsenie. An Amazing Afterlife, the preview of the long-awaited film about monk Arsenie Boca and his huge popularity. The third documentary to be screened out of competition is Dragoș Lumpan's Last Transhumance, an ambitious artistic and ethnographic project filmed over ten years in six countries. The programme also includes the comedy Another Lottery Ticket (d. Paul Negoescu), The Dream (d. Cătălin Saizescu), the story of prisoners performing in a theatre show, and the family mountain drama Refuge (d. Liviu Mărghidan), filmed in Piatra Craiului Mountains. The two surprises in the feature film programme are The Young Dictator (d. Andi Lupu), a retro-radical docudrama about the youth of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu, and the cryptically titled S.B.C.R.D.F., inspired by a Cekhov play and directed by Iura Luncașu.

The competition selection of Romanian short films includes 16 titles, chosen from over 100 entries and grouped into three programmes. No fewer than 50 feature films have registered for this year's Romanian Days, a record in Transilvania IFF's history.

The complete schedule of Transilvania IFF.22 will be published soon. Tickets for the first screenings and events are already on sale online -


Romanian Days

Feature films

Boss (d. Bogdan Mirică)

Between Revolutions (d. Vlad Petri) 

Men of Deed (d. Paul Negoescu)

The Blue Planet  (d. Dani Sărăcuț) – world premiere

The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters (d. Cătălina Tesar, Dana Bunescu)

My Muslim Husband (d. Daniel Bărnuți, Alexandra Bărnuți) – world premiere

To the North (d. Mihai Mincan)

Day of the Tiger (d. Andrei Tănase)

Eagles from Țaga (d. Adina Popescu, Iulian Ghervase) 


Short films

Where No Ships Go (d. Vlad Buzăianu)

Alibaba (d. Vlad Popa)

The Night Practice (d. Bogdan Alecsandru)

B 777 ADF (d. Vlăduț Iosef)

Berliner Kindl (d. Lucia Chicoș)

Sketches of Still Life (d. Vlad Popa)

Two Words, Three Lies (d. Ioachim Stroe)

Sentimental Education (d. Alma Buhagiar)

Our Summer Break (d. Laura Ionescu)

Iorgu! (d. Matei Preda)

Between the Edges of the Day (d. Andreea Lăcătuș)

Pink (d. Liviu Marghidan)

Sasha (d. Serghei Chiviriga)

Suruaika (d. Vlad Ilicevici, Radu C. Pop)

Whole Family (d. Alexandra Diaconu)

Venus (d. Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu)


Out of competition

Arsenie. A Miraculous Afterlife (r. Alexandru Solomon) - world premiere

Refuge (d. Liviu Marghidan) – world premiere

Another Lottery Ticket (d. Paul Negoescu) – world premiere

S. B. C. R. D. F. (d. Iura Luncașu) -  world premiere

The Young Dictator (d. Andy Lupu)

Last Transhumance (d. Dragoș Lumpan) -  world premiere

The Dream (d. Cătălin Saizescu) – world premiere



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