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Superman, Spiderman sau Batman

02.12.2012 15:50
Best European Short Film 2012 - The European Film Awards

Superman, Spiderman or Batman, by Tudor Giurgiu, received the Best European Short Film award during the 25th European Film Awards, held on December 1st, in Malta.

The European Film Awards is a prestigious annual event organized by the European Film Academy and meant to celebrate the best European films of the year. The 17 trophies are handed over during a ceremony and the winners are decided based on the vote of the 2700 members of the Academy, filmmakers from all over Europe.

Superman, Spiderman or Batman was one of the 15 short films nominated for Best European Short Film. All 15 short films entered the race for the trophy after being nominated during one of the 15 partner festivals of EFA.

"I am very happy and I almost can't believe it. This film had been a constant source immense satisfactions and surprises ever since I was shooting it in Cluj and the thought of getting so far with it was not even crossing my mind. My pride and joy as a Cluj person is huge: this is a film made almost entirely by and with Cluj people, both Romanians and Hungarians, all wonderful people. This award is theirs, but it especially for the writer Doru Lupeanu, the wonder child Aaron Serban and the unique actor that is Bogdan Zsolt", said Tudor Giurgiu.

Superman, Spiderman or Batman tells the story of Aron, a 5 year old boy who, together with his father, goes on a journey at the end of which, similarly to his BD heroes, he hopes to save his mother who has a serious heart condition.

The short film was entirely shot in the city of Cluj Napoca, with a local team: actors Bogdan Zsolt, Cornel Răileanu, Elena Ivanca, Ovidiu Crişan, Maria Seleş, Adriana Băilescu and, the film's little hero, Aaron Şerban. The screenplay was written by Doru Lupeanu, also known for writing The Yellow Smiley Face, by Constantin Popescu. The film's DoP was Adrian Silişteanu, Eugen Kelemen was the editor and Bogdan Crăciun executive produced. Chainsaw Europe did the postproduction.

Superman, Spiderman or Batman's honors list includes the Aspen Shortfest 2012 trophy – the most celebrated short film festival in the US – and the Valladolid, Munich and Manhattan Shorts awards.

Superman, Spiderman or Batman is the second Libra Film production awarded by EFA. In 2009, the feature film Katalin Varga by Peter Strickland received the European Discovery award.

Starting today, the short film will be available for online viewing on Tudor Giurgiu's personal blog,

Starting December 12, the short film will open a series of special screenings of the feature film Of Snails and Men, scheduled all over the country. Additional info about the screenings schedule will be available soon. 

The European Film Academy Gala will air on HBO Romania Saturday, December 8, starting with 6:25 PM.

Superman, Spiderman of Batman is a Libra Film production co-financed by the Romanian CNC and Zenith Media with the support of Digital Cube.