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TIFF launches a new program "10 for FILM"

22.04.2012 03:00
A new project is beginning this year at TIFF, one that will introduce 10 remarkable, but still undiscovered Romanian actors, to film audience and film professionals

Coming from theatres or having already some film experience, they will be given a professional portfolio and a chance to impress.

In a country where cultural life is concentrated in the Capital and a few important cities, the chance that performers that are not from this areas to be discovered are quite small. The main purpose of 10 for Film is to bring this part of Romanian cultural life back into the light.

The 10 for Film will be proposed and selected by well-known figures from film and theatre industry : Tudor Giurgiu (film director and producer). Irina-Margareta Nistor (film critic), Andreea Iacob (dramaturg and stage director), theatre critics Oltiţa Cîntec, Cristina Rusiecki and Andreea Dumitru and Răzvan Penescu (editor for Liternet on-line cultural portal)

The selected actors will benefit from a professional portfolio and will attend between  June 7th to June 10th, during Romanian Days, at a number of workshops and meetings. It is here that they will be presented to spectators, journalists and to people who might change their careers- film directors and film producers, casting directors and casting agencies.