A unique director in the 3x3 section: Peter Solan

19.05.2014 15:11
In the 3X3 section, filmgoers will also discover the distinct work of the Slovak filmmaker Peter Solan (1929 – 2013), one of the most important names in the Czechoslovak New Wave.

Thus, they will be able to see his feature film debut The Devil Never Sleeps (1956), a satire which identified him as one of the artists who opposed the government and which made his next films almost impossible to make; The Boxer and Death (1962), an impressive drama about a prisoner who tries to escape from a camp, and Before Tonight is Over (1966), a vivid and complex portrait of the Slovak society during one harsh night in an expensive bar where people interact, dance, drink and flirt.

I came across Before Tonight is Over last year, when I was preparing the Focus on Slovakia and it was a wonderful revelation. Its a very modern and incredibly fluid film – one of my favorite from this edition.”, says artistic director Mihai Chirilov. In 2009, the Karlovy Vary Film festival organized an ample Peter Solan retrospective. The TIFF mini-retrospective is organized with the support of the Slovak Film Center.