We start in force a new week at Transilvania IFF | TIFF

We start in force a new week at Transilvania IFF

04.06.2012 11:12
TIFF Music Night, special screenings and exhibitions

After a weekend packed with events, Transilvania IFF starts the week with special screenings, exhibitions and a night with dance and music.

Transilvania IFF Music Night opens on June 4, at 21.30  and carries on until early morning with five electro music stars of the moment. The bands Baba Zula (Turkey) and Nôze (France), together with Nico de Transilvania (UK), Buscemi (Belgium) and Sekuoia (Denmark) will offer a spectacular performance in the unconventional space of Hala Flacăra (2-12, Someşului Str.).

At Cinema Arta, from 19.30, film fans will enjoy a spectacular screening of the silent film The Puppet, with live scoring by Struggle-Orchester. Struggle-Orchester is composed of six musicians and their conductor Karl Koch. Each image of the film will be accompanied live by the original music, special created for Ernst Lubitsch’s film. This special performance is organized in partnership with the German Cultural Centre from Cluj.

At 21.30, The Shadow of Dr. Caligari descends upon TIFF Art. Three American avant-garde short films, inspired by the 1920 classic, will be screened along with live musical accompaniment provided by the Romanian band Einuiea at the Art Museum.

The special screenings will continue at 20.30 at Cinema Florin Piersic with Ballroom Dancer (d. Christian Bonke, Andreas Koefoed). After the film, there will be a Q&A with director Christian Bonke.

At 21.45 in Ursus Open Air (Unirii Square) we prepare a unique cinematic voyage for with the screening of Kubrick’s visionary 2001: A Space Odyssey.

At Casa de Cultură a Studenților from 16.00 we recommend Hodorkovski (d. Cyril Tuschi), the documentary about Mihail Hodorkovski, the richest man in Russia, who was arrested and imprisoned after a clash with president Putin. The program at Casa De Cultură continues with Cyril Collard’s cult  film Savage Nights.

Other highlights are Steve McQueen’s controversial Shame, with Michael Fassbender (Cinema Florin Piersic, 22.30),  Teodora Sinner, Anca Hirte’s documentary about a much talked-about topic- life in orthodox monasteries (Cinema Victoria, 12.30)  and a film from Gods and Men program: Corrode (d. Karan Gour), de la 10.00, la Cinema Arta.

From Shadow section, at Cinema Arta, comes The Silent Thief. The Director Jennifer Clary will be there for a Q&A session.

At Odeon Cineplex, at 18.00 the audience will see one of this festival’s premiers, Zero Killed, a documentary about how people dream of murders. Michal Kosakowski will talk with the audience about his bizarre project in a Q&A session. Another Q&A will follow the screening of Clip with Maja Milos.

Hotel Continental will remain the place for exhibitions. There is still time to see aLive exhibition by meste with Șerban Mestecăneanu’s photography and Joachim Luetke – TRANSFORMER - The Art of Visualizing Music with 15 art works belonging to the artist renowned by the graphic concepts he created for bands like Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Kreator, Marilyn Manson and Meshuggah.

In TIFF Fashion, at Hotel Continental, a vintage and handmade fair will be opened until June 5.