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Participants & Winners TPS 2018




Frost (r. Pavle Vučković) - Eurimages Co-production Development Award

Santa Barbara (r. Anatol Durbală) - The Award offered by the Romanian National Film Center

The Last Bus (r. Nándor Lőrincz & Bálint Nagy) - Post-Production services offered by Chainsaw Europe

To the North (r. Mihai Mincan) - Connecting Cottbus Award

October (r. Bogdan Crăciun) - Villa kult Cultural Residency Award



10 feature projects in different development and financing stages will be presented to industry professionals within the co-production platform organized by TIFF on June 1st and 2nd, in Cluj-Napoca. Next to them, another 5 projects selected for the 5th edition of the project development workshop will take part in the pitch.

The selected projects are:

1. A Big She-Bear

Country: Georgia

Director/ Producer: Lali Kiknavelidze

Production company: Lira Production Studios


2. Border Games

Country: Georgia

Director: Mikaberidze Elene

Producer: Aleksandre Shervashidze

Production Company: Nushi Film


3. Everything in its right place

Country: Turcia

Director: Berrak Çolak

Producer: Engin Palabıyık

Production company: Harikulade Film


4. Frost

Country: Serbia

Director: Pavle Vučković

Producer: Stefan Mladenovic

Production company: Plan 9


5. Last Bus

Country: Hungary

Director: Nándor Lőrincz & Bálint Nagy

Producer: Gábor Kovács (Filmpartners) and Mónika Mécs (M&M FILM)

Production company: Filmpartners and M&M FILM


6. March. April. May

Country: Rusisa

Director: Andrey Gryazev

Producer: Vladislav Ketkovich

Production company: Ethnofund


7. Summer night, half past ten

Country: Romania

Director: Ivana Mladenovic

Producer: Ada Solomon

Production company: Hi Film Productions


8. The Alley Cat

Country: Turkey

Director/ Producer: Çiğdem Sezgin

Production company: Kule Film


9. The Shooter

Country: Russia

Director: Piotr Levchenko

Producer: Katia Filippova

Production company: Pan-Atlantic Studio


10. To the North

Country: Romania

Director: Mihai Mincan

Producer: Radu Stancu

Production company: deFilm


The 5 projects were selected to participate at the project development workshop, dedicated exclusively to Romanian and Moldavian directors at their debut or second feature film. Between 28 and 31 May, the projects will be provided with personalized script guidance, specialized training and support in preparing their pitch in front of potential partners.

The 5 participant projects in Transilvania Pitch Stop Workshop

1. Horia

Country: Romania

Director: Ana-Maria Comănescu

Producer: Ada Solomon

Production company: Micro Film


2. Metamorphoses

Country: Romania

Director: Peter Kerek

Producer: Alexandru Teodorescu

Production company: Saga Film


3. October

Country: Romania

Director: Cristian Pascariu

Producer: Bogdan Crăciun

Production company: Libra Film Productions


4. Santa Barbara

Country: Republic of Moldova

Director: Anatol Durbală

Producer: Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr.

Production company: Youbesc


5. The Mind Patrol

Country: Romania

Director: Tudor Botezatu

Producer: Irina Malcea & Paul Negoescu

Production company: Luna Film, Papillon Film