• Eurimages Co-production Development Award, in amount of 20.000 euro - Kretsul, directed by Alexandra Likhacheva, produced by Anna Shalashina - WISH Media (Russia)
  • Post-production services offered by Chainsaw Europe, in amount of 25.000 euro - Panopticon, directed by George Sikharulidze, produced by Vladimer Katcharava - 20 Steps Productions (Georgia)
  • Transilvania Pitch Stop Award, offered with the support of Dacin Sara, in amount of 3.500 euro - Blue Banks, directed by Andreea Cristina Borțun, produced by Gabriela Suciu-Pădurețu (Atelier de Film)
  • Transilvania Pitch Stop CoCo Award, offered by Connecting Cottbus Co-Production Market - Sep & Ana, director Paul Cioran, producer Claudiu Mitcu  We are basca (Romania)
  • Villa Kult Cultural Residency Award – a 5-day residency in Berlin with the purpose of developing a movie script  

The feature projects selected for the seventh edition of Transilvania Pitch Stop (TPS) are:

Snowdrops at the End of the Train

Director: Galina Georgieva
Country: Bulgaria
Producer: Pavlina Jeleva
Production company: Geopoly Film EOOD


Director: George Sikharulidze
Country: Georgia
Producer: Vladimer Katcharava
Production company: 20 Steps Productions


Director: Stratis Chatzielenoudas
Country: Greece
Producer: Ioanna Petinaraki, Darko Popov
Production company: Moving Rooster Productions, Focus Pocus Films

Death and the Maiden

Director: Adina Pintilie
Country: România
Producer: Bianca Oana
Production company: Manekino Film

Dandelion Nectar

Director: Anna Kuznetsova
Country: Russia
Producer: Natalia Drozd
Production company: Forest Film


Director: Alexandra Likhacheva
Country: Rusia
Producer: Anna Shalashina
Production company: WISH Media


Director: Erhan Tahhuşoğlu
Country: Turkey
Producer: Zeynep Koray
Production company: Şiyara Film, ZKF


Director: Victoria Trofimenko
Country: Ukraine
Producer: Maxim Asadchiy
Production company: Pronto Film

Blue Banks

Director: Andreea Cristina Borțun
Country: Romania
Producer: Gabriela Suciu-Pădurețu
Production company: Atelier de Film


The TPS Workshop

Four other projects will take part in a project development workshop, dedicated exclusively to Romanian and Moldavian directors who are working on their debut or second feature. At the workshop that will take place from the 3rd until the 6th of August, the four projects will receive personalized script guidance, specialized training and support in preparing their pitch in front of potential projects.

Echo (Learning to love the sound of my steps as I am walking away from what was never supposed to be mine)

Director: Marius Olteanu
Country: Romania
Producer: Oana Giurgiu, Matei Truță
Production company: Libra Film Productions

Director: Dima Stoianov
Country: Republic of Moldova
Producer: Irina Cojocaru
Production company: Legur Productions

Sep & Ana

Director: Paul Cioran
Country: Romania
Producer: Claudiu Mitcu
Production company: We Are Basca


Director: Eugen Marian
Country: Republic of Moldova
Producer: Dmitriy Kupovih
Production company: Cinema Studio «Svobodnoye Kino»