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Costi Apostol

06.06.2023 10:49

Data of birth: May 1st, 1992

Alexandru Constantin Apostol graduated Acting at The University of Theatre and Cinematography Bucharest, class of 2014, Professor Florin Zamfirescu, and then he did his master’s degree with professor Gelu Colceag. 

During his studies he performed in theatrical productions at The National Theatre, ARCUB Cultural Centre and The Jewish Theatre. 

In 2014 he took part in the Young Actor Gala HOP, while the artistic director was Radu Afrim, where he won the Sică Alexandrescu Prize - the special prize from the jury. 

One year later, in 2015 he got employed at the Andrei Mureșanu Theatre in Sfântu Gheorghe where he got casted in more than 20 productions until now. He performed in shows directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu, Cristian Ban, Ioana Păun, Eugen Gyemant, Horia Suru, Catinca Drăgănescu, Alexandru Dabija, Andrei Măjeri and Radu Afrim.  Currently he can be seen in the following productions: Blasted (by Bobi Pricop), La Ronde (by Eugen Jebeleanu) and Privitor (by Andrea Gavriliu).

In film he appeared in short films by Roxana Stroe Ana Maria Comănescu, Thomas Maitec and Armine Vosganian.

Costi loves animals, has a black cat and a greyhound, and has a passion for festivals and travelling.