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Marcela Motoc

08.06.2023 10:31

Date of birth: December 28th, 1972

Marcela Motoc graduated from The University of Theatre and Cinematography in 1966, Professors Olga Tudorache and Adrian Pintea. She got employed by L.S. Bulandra Theatre before graduating, during a selection process validated by Liviu Ciulei. Her debut production at this theatre was Patul lui Procust, directed by Cătălina Buzoianu.  In 2002, the actress moved to Paris and for a while she travelled to many of the most important destinations in the world. In Paris, during 2013, she translated in French and produced Lia Bugnar’s show, The Girl from the Rainbow. 

In 2014 she returned to Bucharest, founded Cortina Association, and completely restarted her career in theatre. Marcela collaborates with Bulandra Theatre, Metropolis Theatre, Apropo Theatre. She performed in The Girl from the Rainbow in 2016, at The Art Theatre, a role for which she won several prizes at different festivals. 

In film she made her debut in 1993, in Nae Caranfil’s production of E Pericoloso sporgersi. She appeared in series like Teach, The Clan, Las Fierbinți and performed in several short films.