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Activities TIFF in the Family - Florești

Safety Workshop

Cluj County Police Department

We prevent before we fight, and we fight sustainably through prevention. This is one of the most effective ways of keeping harm out of the community and building a shield against crime. Preventing and fighting crime based on scientifically based evidence, and a good knowledge of the social and criminal context are our development goals in terms of public safety, in cooperation with local and international partners.


Aviator for a day

71st Air Base “General Emanoil Ionescu”

Since 1982 we have been defending the clear skies of our homeland. The 71st Air Base “General Emanoil Ionescu” is the tradition keeper of the Romanian wings and we want to carry on the spirit of sacrifice and dedication shown by each soldier who participated in writing the history of this prestigious unit, a symbol of Romanian aviation.

With their dedication and responsibility, soldiers have brought the base to the forefront of the Air Force. The operability of the aircrafts, as well as the hard work of the pilots, technicians and military personnel who make it possible to fly every day, has enabled us to participate in numerous NATO missions, thus being a guarantor of unity and cooperation with foreign partner forces.


You can be a saviour, too!

Emergency Situations Department, Cluj

When it comes to emergencies, the most important question is how do we prevent them? Many times, firefighters' interventions can be avoided with some basic knowledge. As a result, the rescuers will be there and look forward to an open discussion! We welcome both adults and children, who will be able to see our techniques and equipment.


Adventures of a curious wolf

French Institute

The French Institute of Romania in Cluj-Napoca promotes French language and culture among young children through French language courses and diplomas, playful and creative workshops, performances, films and holiday activities for students. You can borrow books for all ages, comics, films and French music from the Institute's media library. The subscription also includes access to the digital platform


The big caps party

Capace cu suflet (Soulful Caps)

“Capace cu suflet” is about the power of “TOGETHER”. It's easy for each of us to make small gestures, because together we create wonderful things. In a word: Soulful Caps gives new meaning to plastic caps. We only collect caps because the volume to weight ratio is very good and because it's so easy for anyone to sneak a cap and then put it in a container with lots of other caps from other daredevils like them. One cap is small and insignificant on its own, but it's easy to put it away and collect more together with members of the Capace cu suflet community, formed around an environmental initiative with social values.


Together for a greener future!

Recycling Patrol & RoEcollect

RoEcollect is a company with multiple activities in the field of environmental protection. For more than 12 years we have been providing professional services in the field of electrical waste management (WEEE) and we have been developing efficient solutions, locally adapted to the communities in which we operate.



Anti-waste riders

Food Waste Combat

Food Waste Combat is a civic project to raise awareness and reduce food waste in Romania. Started in Cluj in 2012 by a team of enthusiastic foodie activists who promote respect for good, local and seasonal food, the project offers advice and activities on how to reduce waste.


Cluj Traditions at TIFF (Pottery and ceramic painting workshop)

Cluj County Centre for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture

With a tradition of over 65 years, the Cluj County Centre for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, a cultural institution under the Cluj County Council, contributes to the future of the Romanian village and its values. Children of Cluj and Florești will be able to enjoy free pottery and ceramic painting workshops on Saturday, June 10th, 2023.


Books on wheels

BookTruck mobile library

The BookTruck mobile library lends books to rural children of all ages. The first mobile library has more than 1,500 books on loan and lends books free of charge to children of all ages from 20 villages in Cluj County. In addition to books, we also bring workshops, reading sessions and interactive activities to the villages, plus interactions with the human library. The BookTruck is primarily aimed at children and young people, but has books for all age groups.


Healthy singing workshop

Andreea Shilochi

Andreea Shilochi is a vocal coach in CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) and is the founder of Music Haven. She loves to sing and help children and adults use their voice with confidence in a healthy way.


Honest conversations

Laura Iviniș

Every day is a new adventure, with challenges at every turn, and sometimes it becomes difficult to keep the connection and harmony between children and parents when interests and desires are different. Come and discover with Rai and their family how to go from fighting to reconciliation in a new series of fun-filled and heartfelt conversations. Because love grows with us, in honest talks!


The Club for Skilled Children

Urban Kiddo

Urbankiddo organises creative and recreational events for children young and old. Our hobby workshops are aimed at creative children and adults who love beauty and novelty. Painting, string art, toy workshops, model making, weaving, sewing and many other activities that create unique and practical pieces of decor are among of our current activities.


Guided botanical tours

Din filele naturii (Nature’s book)

Din filele naturii aims to bring people “on the same page” as nature, to make it easier for them to connect with it. It's largely about science, but it's also about feeling, about the satisfaction of understanding natural phenomena, and the joy of running on a flowering field or exploring a wild forest. On request, we organize tours in the urban or peri-urban nature of Cluj, guided by biologists or ecologists.


Have fun with us: archery and mini-zipline


NapocaTrio is a state of mind. A free spirit to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are a team of energetic, optimistic and sometimes dreamy young people. We always give our best and guide those around us to discover winter and summer sports. Among the outdoor activities we promote are: skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, swimming, rollerblading, adventure. And with us, fun is always safe.


Dance and shine

GymMotion Studio

GymMotion Studio is a dance fitness studio that aims to bring sports, music and dance closer to people and integrate them as a lifestyle. The Dance & Shine by GymMotion Studio program is an energetic one, combining kid-friendly music, simple dance steps with educational games that develop their spatial orientation, musicality, rhythm and give them little lessons on correct posture, performing and leadership.


Exatlon for kids


Sportacus is a concept that promotes movement as a basic lifelong activity, starting from childhood. In the “Exatlon for kids” program, the little ones will have fun, develop their motor skills and abilities and will have the chance to test their limits by participating in different obstacle workouts.


The Little Prince - storytelling show

The King's Chef - puppet theatre and scientific experiments

The secret life of the most unexpected objects - puppet theatre show

Hocus Pocus - magic and ventriloquism show

Magic Puppet

The Magic Puppet Association is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote the art of puppetry and stage magic using multiple means of communication, and the implementation, development and execution of community, local or national projects and activities aimed at supporting the artistic, social, cultural and educational development of both members and participants. The Magic Puppet Theatre is one of the only organizations nationwide that offers a regular season of animated and puppet theatre to audiences of all ages (adults, young people, children).


Ceramics workshop - painting


Fauve Atelier

Fauve Atelier is the brand used by visual artist Valentina Lazar to exhibit her creations - delicate pieces of jewellery, decorative or household objects made of porcelain in a small studio that often hosts meetings where those who cross its threshold are invited to explore their creativity.


Building workshop with LEGO(R) pieces

Brickenburg at TIFF - Mini-exhibition of LEGO(R) building blocks

Brickenburg Association is one of the most important LEGO(R) fan organizations, as it is officially recognized worldwide for the creations made by its members, presented at LEGO(R) specific events in Romania and abroad.


Meet therapy dogs

Dog Assist Association

Dog Assist Association is an NGO working in the field of human-animal interaction. At Dog Assist we promote respect, compassion and empathy for all living beings, positively integrating animals into community life.

Our therapy dogs take part in therapeutic programs alongside psychologists and physiotherapists, motivating our beneficiaries towards progress. At the same time, we are engaged with the community through educational programs for both children and adults.


Adventures in fairy-tale world


Games, costumes and drawings from the wonderful land of Legendarium! Enter the world of fairy tales, venture into the game and save the legends from oblivion. Find Legendarium surprises every day at TIFF for families.